Keeping up with Southeast Asian tech

Cognity Labs ( and this newsletter were born out of desire and impatience for impact in Southeast Asia. Join us.

If you’ve had a 1:1 coffee chat with me, my perpetual introduction includes: “I’m passionate about growing the tech economy in Southeast Asia, especially in emerging markets like my home, the Philippines” - something along those lines!

In the past year, I realized two things:

  1. 🕹️ I can and am making waves of change remotely. I always thought I had to be in Southeast Asia to do that, that it was a long-term dream. Not true. This was especially apparent when we started Cognity Labs and grew it to 3 countries, and, of course, when everything turned remote from the pandemic.

  2. 🌏 I have much to learn about the Southeast Asian tech scene. Being born and raised there is not enough. There’s so much more to learn, analyze, and keep up with.

This newsletter (& Cognity Labs in general) was born out of the desire and impatience for impact and learning about the Southeast Asian home that’s dear to our hearts.

Writing about our learnings will keep us accountable in the journey.

I hope you join us.

In the meantime, tell your friends!